Saturday, 1 November 2014

Bigg Boss 8: Why is Puneet Issar turning out to be the most hated contestant?

Puneet Issar is definitely the senior most in the house but like Deepshikha rightly mentioned, Puneetji is trying to play his cards really well. From dodging fights to creating arguments and adding fuel to the fire, Puneet Issar has turned out to be this year's most sly contestant on Bigg Boss 8.
Here's why:
Bitching about everyone behind their backs:
From Karishma Tanna to Minissha Lamba, Gautam Gulati to Upen Patel, there is not a single person who he has not bitched about. Playing it pretty well, Puneet has been spotted many a times talking bad at a person's back. And just when the right time comes, Puneet is no where to be seen. Slowly and steadily, he is turning out to be one gutless man on the show!
Playing dirty politics in the house:
He is the reason for most of the fights and arguments that take place. If his bitching about everyone is nothing to go by, the fact that he has been instrumental in creating tiffs between people will show what his real character is. Instigating Guatam against Diandra Soares, Praneet Bhatt against Aarya Babbar, Puneet has repeatedly participated in all the gossip and made sure he moulds people in his own sly way!
Staying away from everything:
Although he is the mastermind behind most of the arguments and the infighting between the contestants, time aane pe there would be no trace of him around. He immediately flees from the scene and dodges every questions that might put him in a fix. Sample: Despite asking all the contestants to turn physical after Diandra turned physical with Sonali Raut in a weekly task, he sat and watched the show as his minions stuck to what he said and did all the damage. And when the blame-game started, Puneet had his own magical way out. Waah Puneet ji!
And finally, boasting to be the most powerful:
Remember that one special Weekend Special episode where Salman Khan showed how Puneet made a boo-boo in the house? Well, let us remind you. Puneet got really fired up and wanted to confront Bigg Boss regarding some pertinent matter and his disgust was evident from the way he was throwing weight around on all the contestants and threatened to sue Bigg Boss. But once Bigg Boss called him inside the confession room, Puneet's balloon of pride and obstinacy got punctured with a small prick! And what turned out was hilarious.
While Puneet Issar still continues to be on the show and goes on and on with his clever tactics on the show, we must admit that he is slowly turning out to be the most hated contestant on the show!