Saturday, 8 November 2014

After Free subscription, Microsoft to refund your money for Office 365!

Free App Microsoft Word instead of the Office 365 subscription wasn't enough when Microsoft announced an overwhelming refund for all who purchased Office 365 subscription.
Since forever the users had to buy Office 365 subscription to use the app on any iOS or Android device. The app was considered to be a great success on non-windows platforms such as iPads etc. On buying an Office 365 subscription, it made available full access to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and helped create and edit documents on the go.
The app was launched last year on iOS and Android stores. The move was aimed to get Office to as many possible devices as possible. Considerably Windows Phone OS do not occupy the major portion of the markets. This was always a paid app and the users were required to purchase the version Office 365 and use the subscription. Although the Office app  could be downloaded for free but without subscription, only a few files were viewable. The basic hygiene of creating, editing and viewing documents were however available via the free app without subscription.
In a recent development that made this feature on the apps free, it is now offering to all those who paid, refund. The Apple users who had paid for the subscription earlier will have to contact  iTunes Store Support for refund. And the remaining can simply cancel the Office 365 subscription and receive a pro-rated refund of the unused and remaining days. This can be done by Microsoft Accounts and Billing agent.
However, premium features like full Office applications (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, and OneNote) on Computers and Macs, unlimited OneDrive storage and Skype calls will still require subscription.