Friday, 11 December 2015

Cortana comes to iOS, Android and CyanogenOS devices; brings nifty features

Cortana comes to iOS, Android and CyanogenOS devices; brings nifty features
After releasing Cortana with its Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is doing everything it can to ensure that it can reach as many users as possible. According to a post on the official Window Blog, Group Program Manager for Cortana, Marcus Ash said that Microsoft was finally taking the big step of bring Cortana to platforms other than Windows 10, namely iOS, Android and CyanogenOS powered devices. Now get reminders wherever you go The post mentioned that you could set location-based reminders to have it pop-up on your smartphone when you arrive at a specific location.
For instance, if you want to wish your family member on their birthday, you could set a reminder for your home location, and as you approach the vicinity, Cortana would do her job of reminding you. Never miss phone calls Cortana has added some smart features such as the ability to never miss a phone call. The next time you’re stuck in a lousy meeting with your boss, and your friends are calling your for a movie, you don’t have to feel the stress to watch over your phone.
Cortana would let your friends know your plight. Hopefully, your friends would be as caring! Convenient tracking With the holiday season fast approaching, Cortana has also added a nifty package tracking feature. You can now track flights, packages, and get updates without having to stay stuck on your device or PC.
Cortana-3-576x1024In November this year, Microsoft announced that Cortana would be available in Indiaafter adapting herself to the cultural nuances of India and learning the Indian accent. For now, Cortana will work only in English and Microsoft has made spruced it up to understand Indian accent. Besides, the company has also introduced an Indian voice. It also understands Indian terms such as festivals, India-specific food and popular game of cricket. With the last update, Microsoft added the ability to take/write notes in Cortana Notebook and it will also recognise phone number and email address.It will also let you book as well as track Uber. While Cortana, a digital assistant and Siri rival, was announced only for Windows devices, the company earlier this years revealed its plans to bring it to Android as well as the iOS platform.