Saturday, 30 May 2015

Google Play Store Update Speculations – Google Likely to Introduce some Developer-Friendly Features


In the current version of Play Store, developers do not get much priority.
Their job is limited to listing new apps and modifying existing apps in the store. Moreover, some developers have lately said that Play Store is a home to their apps, but not for them. The justification statement highlights that they do not get much scope to showcase their company’s information. With that said, Google has looked into the discomfort of its developers and has promised to offer a better platform to developers. Moreover, Google is looking forward to introducing the following features in its upcoming version.
Dynamic App Listing
Developers have finally got the most anticipated feature in the Play Store. With the availability of new app listings, developers will get a platform for testing modifications and variations scientifically. This means that developers can change the text and images of their apps in the Play Store. The presence of A/B testing will enable them to list two versions of an app. Moreover, they can check the individual effectiveness of the two versions by offering one version to 50% of the incoming users and the second version to the other half. Play Store will analyze the user engagement of every version; enabling developers to determine the better version and optimize accordingly.
Acquisition and Conversion Report
Play Store developers do not have much idea about their users. But Google is developing a console that will emphasize on analytics. It will offer a conversion report to the developers so that they can know about their users’ arrival sources. This will be an effective step towards monetization and improvement of conversion.
Improved Ad Platform
Choosing the correct kind of ad has been a difficult decision for many developers. Basically, they need to decide whether to offer ads of third parties or to promote in-app purchases of their own app. The problem will be solved with the introduction of new Play Store version, because the platform will predict which ad-type a developer should choose. This prediction will be made in a systematic way; by analyzing the purchasing history of every user. This means that the relevant ads will be displayed to every user. However, traditional ad banners will be shown to the users with no in-app purchases.
Google is creating a healthy work-environment for developers. There are rumors that it paid $7 billion to the developers through Play Store in 2014. Now the newly designed model of Play Store is likely to improve the per-user profit of developers. Hence, the developers will be getting a dream platform in near future!