Monday, 6 April 2015

Facebook sees a decline in users.

A study published in the journal Management Science stated that the content creators are declining as these users are more inclined towards sharing information at intimate places rather than on social media.
The research is co-authored by an Indian-origin Ganesh Iyer and Zsolt Katona from the University of California, Berkeley - Haas School of Business stated "Social communication incentives diminish even as the reach or the span of communication increases,". According to the research the users are unable to gauge the perception and cater to end user due to the distance and relevance of the matter.
Katona stated that "Industry reports estimate that just 10 percent of Twitter users broadcast 90 percent of the network's tweets, while only a tiny fraction of the 55 million users who blog post daily"
As per the research the information or message have declined for a while however the trend was brought to light very recently. the research showcased a link with numerous social media sources few are recipients of the message and rest of them are just sharing in turn causing a decline in new content. The problem is further aided by the fact that many of the users are located are various part of the globe and it becomes difficult for the 'content creators' to understand and crater to the needs of these individuals.
The authors added " As competition grows, some senders decide the payoff is not worth the trouble and drop out, and others decide not to enter the fray, which explains why the proportion of senders to receivers is so low.".