Monday, 16 March 2015

Google Now To Help You Save Time At Disneyland

If you are a power Android user, than you will understand what I am about to mention next. Even if you are an iOS user, you too will understand how interesting the next part is. The nifty Google Now app that is integrated in the Nexus devices by default and available for download in other Android and iOS devices, is slowly rising up and taking control of all aspects of our phones. However, we are not complaining about it, in fact we are rather in awe of the app.
The Now Cards in the Google app, provide you with a lot of useful information such as daily weather, estimated time to get home via your preferred route, or to track score of a Yankee game -- all the while catching up on a breaking story about Game of Thrones. All this information available in the form of neat cards from one app is what makes Google Now all the more interesting.Well, the good news does not end there simply. On Sunday, Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) gave a behind the scenes tour of its predictive data service, during the SXSW festival. The company wants to go further and make sure that even your Candy Crush Saga data and Clash of Clans attack info is also displayed right into Now Cards. The virtual assistant was only restricted to displaying information from Google related services with a limited integration, among third-party apps.
Google will start being generous from today and has plans for an open API, that will let developers integrate app data with Google Now cards, according to Project Director, Aparna Chennapragada.
But that is not all what Google has in store for you. It wants to bond with a user and provide personalized results based on a user's frequent usage of apps. The digital assistant will observe user-interaction and display cards accordingly.
Plus, there is a little surprise for you. If you frequent Disneyland for those thrill rides but get tired waiting in long queues, then Google Now will be able to notify you of the wait-time for different attractions, so you plan accordingly and steer clear of the painfully long ones. Disneyland is one such example and Google will work to introduce other neat tricks to the Now app as well.
For now you can check out the list of current app partners to see whether yours is on the list or not. If it is not, then sit back and check out recommendations from Pandora, while you brush up on your French lessons from Duolingo.
To download Google Now, visit this Play Store link and if you are an iOS user, then you can download it from the App Store.