Sunday, 29 March 2015

Chinese Leshi TV calls Apple Inc Hitler in recent Weibo post

Apple Inc in a recent poster was compared with Hitler. CEO and founder of Chinese Internet TV, Leshi TV (LeTV) posted an image through the official LeTV Weibo account having an image of Hitler wearing a red armband with an Apple logo on it. The image was originally posted out to hint the upcoming smartphone from the LeTV.
On the top of the image, LeTV was comparing the attributes of closed and open source software. In the native language, it was written as “Crowdsourced, freedom vs. arrogance, tyranny”. Crowdsourced and freedom referred to the collaboratively build Android operating system or any other open source project for that matter, arrogance and tyranny was indicating towards the closed source iOS and the entire Apple ecosystem.
Jia’s words argue about the Cupertino giant’s approach to manufacturing the smartphones that restrict developers from implementing their creativity and innovation. Being in a closed source environment, iOS restricts developers to develop in a particular context, however, not beyond it.
The CEO compared the Apple Inc as a ‘Dusk Empire’, meaning that it will fall and is dying. The image also had a smartphone with doors opening to freedom — at least that’s what the LeTV will say.
It isn’t the first time when Apple Inc has been hit with such type of criticism by the rival companies. It was only a few days ago when Google launched its latest advertisement campaign for Android taking a direct aim at the Apple, saying “Be together, not the same.”
However, Apple Inc isn’t the only company that has maintained the ecosystem of closed source. Microsoft Windows is also doing exactly the same, Windows Phone and Windows for PC all have their source codes kept behind the doors. None of these companies target them for not being open source. The reason is simple, Windows Phone isn’t that popular and isn’t thing to worry about for these companies.
It is without a doubt that the Android and iOS are currently the two pioneers in the smartphone industry, while Apple sells them under its brand name, Google is providing builds to other companies for them install it on their smartphones.
The image can be clearly seen as the marketing strategy and a low-grade attempt to attract few customers on the board, nothing else.