Monday, 16 February 2015

Google to develop body odour busting device

Now Google will help you to remain fresh and odourless. The search engine tech giant has got a patent for a body odour busting device that will release fragrances to keep you smell fresh.
Called as 'fragrance emission device', it has several sensors that can detect the physical activity of the user, express.Co.Uk and PTI reported.
These sensors would also be able to detect the rise and fall in temperature and moisture and will accordingly suggest sweat levels and odour of the body.
As reported, the device may be wearable and can be fitted under the clothes. It uses range of sensors to keep control on odour levels. When a user needs it will release fragrances to keep him or her smell fresh.
"The device is also able to regulate on the capacity of spray like how much spray is needed to cover the user's body odour needs," express.Co.Uk reported.
In addition to this, the device will provide travel tips suggesting user the routes away from people linked to the device, in case they are in bad-smelling situations. Google may use its searching technology like Google Maps or Google Earth to suggest routes and provide the alternate routes to the user.