Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sony hack reveals aliases used by actors

Hackers calling themselves Guardians of the Peace (GOP) have leaked a large number of confidential files from entertainment giant Sony, in a cyber attack that began on November 24. While the identity of the hackers remains unclear, the information in question has been circulated far and wide: the latest leak contained the secret names used by stars hoping to remain incognito.
Below, we summarise some of the more surprising details to emerge since the hack.
Jessica Alba's alias is "Cash Money"
The latest information leaked by the Sony Pictures hackers reveals the false names used by a number of Hollywood stars to protect their privacy when anonymously checking into hotels or using car booking services. In many cases, the monikers chosen are surprisingly revealing, referencing films, past roles, and family members. In other cases, the aliases are just plain strange – Jude Law's, for instance, is "Mr Perry", while Jessica Alba's is "Cash Money".
• Tom Hanks goes by Harry Lauder and Johnny Madrid. The former was the name of a famous Scottish comedian, while the latter may be a reference to half-Mexican gunslinger Johnny Madrid Lancer, a character on the Sixties US Western series, Lancer