Monday, 1 December 2014

Shock wristband to punish you for Facebooking at work

wearable technology, smart technology, productivity
A US-based company has created a shock wristband for humans, that helps curtail bad habits or improve productivity.
The Pavlok is a wearable smart gadget that sits on your wrist and, with the aid of an accompanying app, helps you keep track of certain tasks in a day. Want to work out more? Pavlok will remind you to do that. Waste too much time on Facebook? You can have Pavlok shock you to your senses when you attempt to log on. And we mean literally shock you.
The other intriguing part of the device is that it has exposed metal contacts on the inside of the wristband, that release a miniature electric shock when you fail or ignore a task. There's either that option or force you to pay a stranger mopney through the app. But whether it's better to be shocked 4 times or pay someone money four times, just because you can't wake up in the morning, is debatable.
The shock piece can be configured to anywhere between 17V and 340V, to customize your sado masochism experience. Selling for  US $100, the Pavlok is expected to be launched next year.