Saturday, 1 November 2014

Working Project Ara smartphone prototype shows off in new video

Back at Google’s I/O conference this year, the search giant planned to showcase a working prototype model of the Project Ara phone; but the device failed to boot into Android. Fast-forward to a few months later and the company has now given us an update about its progress and has also disclosed that the first prototype is ready and functional.
A video uploaded to the Phonebloks YouTube channel highlights that the first prototype is being built by an engineering company called NK Labs. The device which will serve as predecessor to the Spiral 2, was basically designed by the Project Ara team which was formally part of Motorola, but wasn’t sold to Lenovo in the recent acquisition.
Project Ara Prototype
The prototype which you’ll see in the video below is called the Spiral 1 Ara phone and it sports improvements to the connectors to get the modules to fit properly. The device carries an LED module, a battery, an AP (application processor), a loudspeaker and a USB charging port.