Sunday, 23 November 2014

Noida traffic cops crack the whip on fellow policemen

A Noida Police official without a helmet talks on the phone while riding a bike on Friday. He was challaned soon after. 
Police personnel breaking traffic laws have become the target of the Noida Police’s ongoing road safety drive, with cops being asked to book their fellowmen and women in khaki.
Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Rajiv Narayan Mishra said on Saturday that seven cops had been booked so far in the month-long drive, with three challans issued on Friday for riding without helmets and talking on the phone.
“Traffic cops have been encouraged to catch other policemen and women breaking the rules. We have made it like a competition, hoping that it helps to change the mindset that the laws only apply to others,” said Mr. Mishra.
Some cops used the excuse of not being able to hear their walkie-talkie while wearing helmets, but Mr. Mishra said 75 per cent of the sets being used by the Noida Police are equipped with earphones.
“This is a societal problem that we all have that we don’t respect laws. We have held refresher courses and training sessions for our staff during this drive. We will continue to spread awareness of road safety,” said the superintendent.
Drivers employed by the police have also been reminded to wear their seat belts and use side and rear-view mirrors while changing lanes or reversing.
Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh Police’s ‘traffic month’ will continue with crackdowns on violators and awareness programmes for school students. From November 1 to 22, the Noida Police have booked 28,326 traffic law-breakers.