Sunday, 30 November 2014

New app-enabled pacifier will help parents track their babies' temperature

 A new app-enabled dummy has been developed that will help parents track their babies' temperature by getting update on their phones.
The smart dummy features a temperature sensor, data from which would be then fed to the accompanying app, the Independent reported. The software can then plot out the baby's temperature across a range of graphs, and alert parents if the data looks like it might indicate that their baby is ill.
The app can be downloaded for iOS or Android and the software can alert parents that they need to take their baby's temperature or give it medication. It can also trigger notifications if the baby moves beyond a certain range. The smart Bluetooth, which Blue Maestro mentioned keeps the battery usage low, can work over 75 metres.
The dummy also features a buzzer, which can be triggered if it is lost and parents need to find it again.
The binky, which comes in a range of colours and is water, dishwasher-proof will costs €25 and will be released on December 1.