Monday, 17 November 2014

Most Indians prefer wearable devices at work: Study

A whopping 82 per cent of adults in India have worn technologies such as headsets, smart badges and bar-code scanners for work-related activities, according to Kronos 'Wearables at Work' survey.
Countries where adults have adopted wearable technology for personal use appear to use wearables for work-related activities as well, and adoption of wearable technology is higher at work than for personal use across the board, the survey said.
"There's a strong belief that wearable technology will take off in the workplace before the home because devices such as smart watches, intelligent ID badges, and fitness and health monitors can provide organisations with uncharted data collection points to greatly improve safety, productivity, collaboration, and overall workplace effectiveness," Joyce Maroney, Director, The Workforce Institute, Kronos said.
She said that while more and more types of wearable technologies have hit the market, the concept of wearables at work is not new.
"Workers have been wearing uniforms, safety gear, ID badges, communications headsets for years to do their jobs better.
"This survey shows a marked difference in how wearable devices are used and perceived around the world, and people who use new wearable technologies in their personal lives tend to see more potential benefits in the workplace.