Sunday, 2 November 2014

Love in the time of jihad: NIA investigations reveal startling facts in Burdwan blasts

Terror and love can live happily together if the revelations thrown up by the National Investigation Agency into the Burdwan blasts are any indication.
During the course of investigation, the NIA has so far discovered 13 Jihadi couples who were part of proscribed terrorist organisation JMB's (Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh) grand dream of establishing an Islamic state in Bangladesh and three West Bengal districts of Malda, Nadia and Murshidabad.
Investigations have revealed that to put their plan into practice, top JMB leaders in Bangladesh had instructed their cadres involved in India operation to target young females belonging to low socioeconomic background and marry them. This would enable them to acquire Indian identity and documents and the women could be used as a cover too.
According to NIA sources, 13 women from West Bengal got married to JMB cadres, and were involved in imparting dangerous jihadi indoctrination and training at the Simulia madarsa in Burdwan and Mukimnagar madarsa in Murshidabad. They also actively participated in spreading jihadi philosophy.
The findings allege that Fatima, wife of absconding chief of Burdwan module, Sajid and three others, Ayesha wife of Yusuf Sheikh, Moina wife of Talha Sheikh and Saira who was married to Suman alias Sadik were the four lead trainers at the two madarsas.
The rest of the nine women, including arrested Alima, again married to JMB cadres, were undergoing training at different levels to be incorporated as trainers after completion of their training.
The training included gun and arrow shooting, physical training, bomb making, delivery of jehadi talk and to show the plight of Muslims through videos to woo young minds.
At least four of the absconding JMB cadres – Sajid, Talha Sheikh, Nasirullah and Kausar, on whom NIA has announced a reward of Rs. 10 lakh each, are suspected to be Bangladeshi nationals. Their wives
Fatima, Moina, Samina and Muzura are also on the run.