Sunday, 2 November 2014

In India, OnePlus One to be available only for those with invites

OnePlus One, the phone that promises the “best performing specs in the market, will soon start shipping to buyers in India. The company, which has signed up Vikas Agarwal as its new India GM, said in a forum post that  purchase opportunity in India will be initially limited to only those with invites.
The company seems to be treading cautiously and admits that they didn’t want to be too ambitious gives that this is their first experience with the Indian market. “Invites have been immensely helpful for us thus far in our current launch countries. They allow us to control our inventory, scale our team and support services to grow along with demand and create an overall better experience for those users with the One,” said the post by Carl Pei, the director of OnePlus Global.
In an email interaction with, Pei had said that the company, which has its head quarters in Shenzen, China, was “actively seeking the right partners and processes  with which to launch successfully in this market”. “We are more concerned with doing it right than doing it fast. But we will keep our Indian users fully updated as we explore a launch here,” he reiterated.
OnePLus will stick to its online sales model, especially since they consider India a complex market.”We have had success with this globally and are able to offer a better value for the user,” he said.
Pei said OnePlus One features “the top, best performing specs in the market”. Interestingly, he does not not consider this the biggest selling point. “Our phone is set apart from the rest because of the care we took in the design, build quality and small details. We believe the users will be able to see and feel that difference and rally around the  arrival of the OnePlus brand.”
And OnePlus will also not be dirt cheap. “There are loads of cheap phones in India for those who want them, but we found there are many who won’t be satisfied with just a cheap phone; they want amazing design and performance as well,” he said.
The OnePLus One, which was announced globally in April, will be the company’s first phone in India as well. “Globally, our margins are exceedingly slim and this will also be true for India. There is a cost of doing business overseas but we will still honor our original business model. Right now, we can say that the 64GB One will sell for less than RS 25,000.”