Saturday, 22 November 2014

HTC One M8 Android 5.0 Lollipop Free Download

Lollipop is finally home on the HTC One M8.
The world has unified in it’s love for Lollipop. You more than likely know, but in the off chance that you don’t, Lollipop is Androids brand spanking new operating system. This Android will be available in the form of 5.0 and it truly is a giant leap up from Android 4.4 and the better news is that, with the HTC One M8, you can now get Android 5.0 and Lollipop with a Free Download and Install.
The official HTC/Lollipop update is fresh underway, and we like it. The ROM of this badboy, heard through the rumblings of the grapevine, might have been very well based on a leaked version of the Lollipop update by HTC. Even though no one has claimed to have seen the update with there own eyes. Still the Lollipop faithfull heard great news when word that Skydragon ROM figured out a way to port the ROM for the HTC ONE M8, bringing the passionate Lollipop faithful the good news of the elusive homecoming.
So, the question is, What do you do now? The first line of business is to make it perfectly known that the ROM will be exclusively working only on Google Play Edition.
Skydragon is the key to everybodies Lollipop fantasies. By going to the Skydragon source link, the Lollipop will make it’s way into the hearts of the HTC ONE M8 users.
A little Backstory
Just a couple of years ago, the future customer base of HTC had a lot to think about. They thought about one question in particular, should they consider putting up hard earned cash into a product that merely is just pretty? Albeit, the fact that this one may not receive the usual OS updates. Things however, have really progressed lately and perhaps a solemn thanks due to it’s latest financial woes should be addressed to HTC company. Now OS updates are now signed, sealed and delivered….and on time too. The good thing that still remains, the wunderkind Lollipop is ready for it’s long awaited debut, and yes, we are happy…actually ecstatic may be a better word for the occasion.
Lollipop fans have been in an utter euphoric disarray since the arrival of their myth and legend, ready for immediate download..did someone say “immediate download”…oh yeah. Through the magical prowess of the Skydragon ROM group and the Skydragon member XDA user, the talented Holly Angel, for porting the new Android 5.0 over to our beloved, HTC ONE M8.
One thing to keep in mind, stay calm, it’s order to flash the ROM, an unblocked and a little bit of know how on rooting your device are required. Be advised that those person without any prior knowledge in this subject need to do a little bit of homework beforehand, or the possibility of suffering a bricked phone may be awaiting you with bells on.
It’s on Like HTC One
Make it happen.This is going out to the HTC ONE M8 lovers, the greatest smartphone fans in the world with exquisite taste and a hankering for the Lollipop, get your HTC One M8 and now get Android 5.0 and Lollipop as a free download and install. You know you want it, heck..we all want it