Monday, 17 November 2014

Here’s why an Android phone needs more RAM than iPhone

NEW DELHI: With each new iteration, Android smartphones pack in more horse power not just in terms of processor speed and graphics but also by adding up more memory or RAM. The latest version of Samsung's Note phablet, for instance, packs in 3GB of RAM. Contrast that to an iPhone which in its latest avatar still manages to perform smoothly with just 1GB RAM (as reported by third party sources).

So why do Android phones need more memory compared to the iPhone? A number of explanations point to the way Android performs multitasking but a new one by game developer Glyn Williams suggests that the reason for this is garbage collection and Java.

He explains on a Quora thread upvoted by about 2,800 users that Android apps use Java and the OS recycles memory when apps are finished with using it through the process of 'garbage collection.' The system performs well when there's enough memory but slows down when there's limited memory available.

He uses a diagram to explain that Android phones need four or eight times more memory, than they're actually using to be 'super efficient.' But when the memory becomes constrained, that performance goes way down. This is the reason why Android devices have more RAM. "iOS does not use this style of garbage collection and does not slow down in constrained memory environments," he further adds.