Thursday, 20 November 2014

Apple to Bundle Beats Music with iOS (Report)

It looks like Apple is about to take on services like Spotify and Rdio head-on. A report by the Financial Times suggests that Apple could push Beats Music to every iPhone and iPad by bundling it in with iOS in the coming months. This would give Apple a huge advantage over its competitors.
The company could even charge less for the streaming service. The New York Times reports that Apple has been in talks with record labels to discuss new licensing terms that would let Apple charge only $5 per month for music streaming. That's a significant drop from the typical $10 that Spotify and Rdio charge for their basic, ad-free subscriptions.
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The fate of Beat Music has been unclear since Apple acquired the company for $3 billion. Apple could decide to bring Beats to iOS under a different name, or embed it into iTunes completely.
Delivering a music streaming app out of the box for iOS devices would make it easier for users to quickly set up a subscription via their iTunes account. Other possible opportunities could include song recognition via Siri that transitions to playback on Beats.
There's no definitive word on when iOS will come with Beats, but some suggest it could be as soon as March 2015.