Friday, 31 October 2014

WikiTweaks for Chrome restyles Wikipedia to avoid content distractions

WikiTweaks for Chrome has restyled Wikipedia that can help users to avoid distractions from the links within the text body and stay focused on the main content.
It adjusts the formatting of each entry on Wikipedia and adds pop-up summaries of those tempting links, keeping you on the right page, CNet reported.
The simple install of the copy of WikiTweaks for the Google Chrome browser would be sufficient to format the entire Wikipedia page. The other noticeable differences would be that there is less space in the left and right margins, which makes more use of your screen real estate.
If people click on the WikiTweaks button, they'll see a list of recently viewed Wikipedia entries. This extension makes Wikipedia more user-friendly by helping people find out what a linked word refers to, without losing track of what they went to the site for in the first place.