Sunday, 5 October 2014

The best picks at Goa literature festival

International Writers & Readers Festival is a three-day literature festival being held at Kala Academy, Panjim, Goa. Here is our pick of what’s on offer.
October 5
DMKM Auditorium:
4 pm- 4.50 pm: Queen’s English with an accent: Literature from Australia: Thomas Keneally, Kirsty Murray with Chandrahas Chowdhury.
5 pm- 5:50pm: Nine Lives And Other Travels: William Dalrymple
Black Box:
Our pick 4 pm-4.50 pm: Terms of Engagement: Articulation of human struggles in conflict areas. Amandeep Sandhu, Sudeep Chakravarti , Nandita Haksar with Shweta Bajaj.
5 pm- 5.50 pm: What have I got against you?  Rahul Jayram tries to understand this question from Meena Kandaswamy, Bulbul Sharma, Mamta Sagar and Kutti Revathi, Ira Trivedi
Publishing Corner: HCI – WRF
4 pm: Reading of My Beautiful Shadow by Radhika Jha
5 pm: Reading of Sun Mere Bandhu by Sathya Saran

October  6
DAY 3 
DMKM Auditorium:
Our pick 10 am-10.50 am: The Individual and the Institution Rahul Jayaram discusses how to restore faith in political processes and parties with Romesh Gunesekara, Miguel Syjuco, Ramakant Khalap, Datta Naik, Hartosh Bal.
12.00 pm- 12.50 pm: Trust me, I have an iphone! Everybody is an expert because we can broadcast ourselves. Social media has effected the shifting of decision making into the hands of the lay public. Are experts therefore taking a back seat? Vivek Tejuja in conversation with Manjula Narayan, Sandesh Prabhudesai, Radhika Jha, Christophe Kloebe.
1.00 pm -1.50 pm: Romancing the poetry: CP Surendran, Mamta Sagar and Manohar Shetty.
Our pick 2 pm- 2.50 pm: Encrypted? Bhushan Bhave in discussion with Pundalik Naik and Dilip Borkar analyse the dilemma in Konkani script.
Our pick 3 pm-3.50 pm: New news-New media’s upstarts.  What does it take to start a successful new media venture. How is success defined?  Fausto Costa, Radhika Jha, Dilip Borkar and Hartosh Singh Bal lead discussion on who’s hogging the new media pie, what role does a modern editor/ storyteller play, how access to information changes the relationship between the media and the public.
4.00 pm- 4.50 pm: India in Love: Ira Trivedi’s book launch by Romesh Gunesekara followed by a presentation by Ira Trivedi.
5.00 pm- 5.50 pm: Parting Notes: Thomas Keneally, Kirsty Murray, Romesh Gunesekara, Pundalik Naik
Black Box:
Our pick 10 am-11 am: Image & Text: The unbroken relation. Margaret Mascarenhas discusses the relationship between image and text with Liam Fitzpatrick.
Our pick 11 am-12 pm: Documentary: Shweta Bajaj and Rohit Gandhi.
Our pick 12 pm-1 pm: The portable Goan Goan writing in Marathi, Konkani, English and Portuguese languages. Alexandre Moniz, Barbossa, Savia Veiges, Ramakant Khalap reflect on writing coming from Goa.
Our pick 1 pm-2 pm: Food for thought. Can baking a pudding be great literature? Kornelia Santoro and Dinesh Patel discuss the culinary writing journey.
Our pick 2 pm-3 pm: To live, to fall, to err, to triumph, to create life out of life. Writers Shehan Karunatilaka, Romesh Gunesekara, Kirsty Murray, Manu Joseph discuss their shaping influences with Subhanjan Sarkar.
3.00 pm- 4.00 pm: Marathi Language Panel
4.00 pm- 5.00 pm: New Writing: Devdan Choudhury, Kalyani Rao, Dinesh Patel in conversation with Lipika Bhushan.
5.00 pm- 6.00 pm: Fractals, book launch by Sudeep Sen. Readings and conversation with CP Surendran.
Publishing Corner: HCI - WRF
2 pm - 4 pm #harperpitch with Sathya Saran
Our pick 4 pm: Reading of The Illicit Happiness of Other People by Manu Joseph
Our pick 5 pm Reading of Sun Mere Bandhu by Sathya Saran