Thursday, 23 October 2014

Telangana demands share in AP power

HYDERABAD: The Telangana government on Wednesday wanted equal status for water used for power generation and irrigation. The government asked the Krishna River Management Board to treat the usage of water for power generation at the Srisailam left bank power house "on a par with the irrigation requirements." The state also maintained that the power being generated from the Srisailam reservoir by Telangana was being largely utilized to save standing crops in the state which depend on electric pumps.

In his letter to the KRMB member secretary RK Gupta, Telangana irrigation chief engineer C Muralidhar also said that the government of Andhra Pradesh was not providing the due share of power to Telangana as per the provisions of the State Re-organization Act of 2014.

While not entirely rejecting the charges made by Andhra Pradesh government in its letter to KMRB on Monday that Telangana was violating the agreement between the two states on using Krishna water impounded at Srisailam dam, Muralidhar said that "in the absence of any specific complaint from AP, it is not possible to react."

Muralidhar said that Gupta's letter to Telangana on Monday appeared to indicate that the Srisailam reservoir water was not being allowed to be utilised for such priority areas as drinking water and irrigation. "I strongly deny these allegations as the water drawn from Srisailam reservoir resulted in 60.17 TMCft of water at Pothireddypadu regulator, 5.37 TMCft at Handri Neeva Srujala Sravanthi and 0.262 TMCft at Kalwakurthy lift irrigation scheme," he said in his letter to Gupta.

Both Handri Neeva and Pothireddypadu projects are designed to provide water to Rayalaseema. Andhra Pradesh believes that by drawing water from Srisailam for power generation, Telangana was denying Rayalseema water it would need in the months to come.

In the meanwhile, Telangana irrigation minister T Harish Rao accused Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu of lying and declared that he was ready to prove the truth. As per the provisions of bifurcation, Telangana should get a total of 54 per cent power generated in both states and that no power was being transmitted from Sileru as well as from plants generating power using non-traditional fuels.

He declared that Telangana must get its share of power from all the plants set up in the united Andhra Pradesh and that the Centre must intervene in this matter to ensure power supplies due to the state are received by it from the power plants in residuary Andhra Pradesh.

In New Delhi, special representative of Telangana, S Venugopalachary, in a letter to Union minister of water resources Uma Bharati, asked her to advise KMRB not to pressure Telangana to stop power generation at Srisailam.

Venugopalachary also asked Union power minister Piyush Goyal to allocate 500 mega watts to Telangana from unallocated power to meet the immediate power requirements of the state to save standing crops.