Wednesday, 8 October 2014

LoC tensions live: No question of talks till firing by Pak ends, Modi tells NSA

PM says no question of bending to Pakistan's tactics, says report
The Prime Minister has reportedly told the National Security Advisor that there's no question of succumbing to Pakistan's tactics, and the armed forces and border security forces will continue to have a free hand in dealing with it.
CNN-IBN quotes sources as saying that the PM has said there is no question of engaging in talks with Pakistan while the firing is on.
4:00 pm: Rahul tells Modi: Easy to promise tough stand on Pakistan, but difficult to deliver 
And it's not just in Pakistan, that Prime Minister Modi is coming in for criticism from. Even Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi made the most of the opportunity to criticise the government's handling of the situation.
"During his campaign he promised a tough stand against Pakistan," he said, asking what had happened to the promise.
The Congress Vice President noted that Modi had found it easy to make the promises but found it difficult to deliver on them.
But it's not just Modi facing the heat. Across the border, Imran Khan has been