Sunday, 5 October 2014

IS beheads Alan Henning, says 'blood on hands of United Kingdom'

London: This was a news that the family of the slain British aid worker Alan Henning “hoped they would never hear”. Having beheaded three Westerners before in a similar way, the barbaric Islamic State released a video showing the brutal murder of British aid worker Alan Henning on Friday.

The brutal beheading of Henning came despite an elegiac appeal to the fighters made by his wife a week ago. It also comes a fortnight after another Briton and aid worker David Haines was killed by apparently the same British accented Islamic State fighter.
Henning is the fourth victim of the IS to be beheaded in a way similar to that of US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and British aid worker David Haines.
47-year-old Henning was kidnapped in December last year when driving an aid convoy to Syria for Muslim charity Aid4Syria.
In a statement released by the British Foreign Office, the family of the slain aid worker said that they were “numb with grief” after the IS released the gruesome video. Henning is survived by his wife Barbara Henning and two kids Lucy and Adam.
“On behalf of the entire family, I want to thank everyone who campaigned for Alan’s release, who held vigils to pray for his safe return, and who condemned those who took him,” their statement read.
Devastated over her husband's loss, she writes that this was a news”she hoped she would never hear,” adding “there are few words to describe how we feel at this moment", but the family is “numb with grief”.
Furious over the video, Henning's brother-in-law Colin Livesey told the BBC that the British Government did not do “enough” to save him or David Haines.
He also lambasted the senseless killing of Henning by the Islamic State fighters, calling them “scum”.
“I just hope and pray they get what’s coming to them. I’ve just so much hatred for them,” he said.
"They (UK Govt) could have done more when they knew about it months and months ago... Just the same with David Haines as well - I don't think they did enough for him either...I just don't think they did enough in my eyes," he told the BBC.British PM David Cameron also slammed the Islamic State as repulsive and barbaric for the beheading and called Henning a man of great peace, kindness and gentleness.
Henning's video was released on Friday along with three other videos by the IS, which seem to convey a message to the Western nations that they must stop striking the extremist targets in Syria and Iraq.
In the first video that is on behalf of Islamic State's ar-Raqqah provincial division, the extremists try to convince that the coalition air strikes were not hitting the IS fighters but civilians, reported the SITE intelligence group.

The video shows a masked fighter pointing to a destroyed school's debris saying that the coalition warplanes were hitting hospitals and schools. This is being seen as an attempt by the IS to convince the Muslims that Western nations were against Islam as they were hitting civilians and public areas.

In the second video, IS flaunts its military training camp at Kirkuk, named "Abu Omar al-Baghdadi". The video shows 19 pictures which include one in which the fighters are seen doing target practice at a stick figure with President Obama's head, reported the SITE.
In the third video, a British IS fighter named "Abu Saeed al-Britani addresses British Prime Minister David Cameron and the United States and slams them for the air strikes. He calls them cowards and dares them to deploy combat troops on the ground, warning to "send them back one by one in coffins."
He then goes on to convey a message to Western Muslims and provokes them to conduct lone-wolf attacks within their borders, stating, "So unlike us [IS fighters], you can cause damage, you can cause real damage right within the heart of dar al-kufr [land of disbelief]."
And the fourth video, which shows the grisly beheading of Henning, the fighter
In the last and fourth video, the executioner apparently the same who killed the other three Westerners before, blames David Cameron for Henning's death saying, "Alan Henning will also be slaughtered, but his blood is on the hands of the British Parliament."
The fifth person on IS target is 26 year old American Peter Kassig, whom they threaten to kill next.
Hennning's video comes as the US and other anti-IS nations have intensified the air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria.