Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hudhud impact: Ongoing projects not hit, says Vizag Port chairman

All the ongoing projects at Visakhapatnam Port would be implemented as per schedule despite the damage caused to some infrastructure by Cyclone Hudhud, its Chairman M.T. Krishna Babu said on Thursday.
He told The Hindu that cargo handling operations were continuing normally and they were happy that HPCL had also resumed receiving crude from Single Point Mooring.
On the loss suffered by the port, he said they had estimated the loss caused by Hudhud to physical infrastructure like offshore tanker terminal and south breakwater structure at Rs. 232 crore.
Mr. Krishna Babu said there was, however, no damage to the ongoing projects in the port which were at various stages of implementation with an investment of over Rs. 3,000 crore. "The civil works have been completed for many of the projects and there may only be some delay and there is no lasting damage," he added.
"The damage to the conveyor belt in the Ore Handling Complex is minimal and the OHC is functioning now normally," he said.
As it would take time to repair offshore tanker terminal, now HPCL would have no have a no backup facility, he admitted. “We were very happy that SPM is intact. Otherwise, we would have lost completely with diversion of crude from here to other ports,” he pointed out. He said experts from Afcon company will be at the port shortly for suggest measures to repair offshore tanker terminal.
He said there was no insurance for any of the port structures. He said the warehouses also suffered severe damage and some of the godowns have also started functioning after suitable repairs.