Saturday, 11 October 2014

Delhi's e-auction attracts high prices for fancy numbers; 0001 sold for Rs. 12.5 Lakh

Delhi’s first e-auction of fancy or VIP registration numbers for cars concluded on Friday with 29 bidders walking away with numbers of their choice after participating in a fierce online auctioning process.
With a base price of Rs. 5 lakh, ‘0001’ — the number considered as a status symbol and generally found on cars driven by either politicians or big industrialists  — was sold for Rs. 12.5 lakh in the three-day long online auction.
The number was bid by UP-based sugar manufacturing company Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited and is likely to be used by company’s managing director Gautam R Morarka.
Another number that generated a lot of interest among bidders was ‘0009’, which was bought by one Karun Arora for Rs. 8.25 lakh. The number had a base price of Rs. 3 lakh.Brys Hotels Private Limited was also bidding for 0009 but let it go after the auctioning cross Rs. 7 lakh mark. The company later settled for 0007 for Rs. 5.5 lakh. “Nine is my husband’s numerological number and seven is our lucky number. We have cars with the digits of the registration number totalling up to seven. We personally didn’t want to go beyond a particular amount and hence decided to focus on 0007,” said Neetu Gaur, director, Brys Hotels Private Limited.
Shahbad-Mohammadpur based civil construction company Swami Contractors managed to get 0006 for Rs. 3 lakh, its base price.
“Six is my lucky number. I am lucky that I managed to get the single digit six this time,” said Ajit Singh Gaur, company’s managing director, who will use the number on Audi Q5. 
Of the 140 numbers up for grabs, the transport department could manage to auction only 29 numbers — including 0777, 0786, 0111, 7777, 8888, 9999 — in its first-ever auctioning of fancy registration numbers. The department managed to earn Rs. 72.4 lakh from the auctioning. Till last year, the transport department used to allot these numbers to general public on the recommendation of politicians and bureaucrats.
“Only a handful of people participated in the auction this time. We expect better response to our subsequent auctions,” said a senior transport department official. The next round is likely to take place in first week of November.
“For the next few days we will send letters to the successful bidders, receive payments and complete other formalities,” the official added.